Building resilience in teacher education

Building resilience in teacher educationThis informative Australian project, underpinned by research, aims to develop resources to help teachers build the skills and practices that will facilitate resilience in their teaching career. The project refers to the importance of maintaining professional resilience, and that ‘the extent to which you can help others depends on how far you have come yourself’. The course consists of online, interactive modules, which can be accessed as required. Users can also download their personal toolkit and receive a certificate after completing all modules. Links to further resources provide information to follow up where appropriate. The modules could be adapted for student use, and for stimulating discussion, reflection and training on all areas related to resilience.


Here’s the project report: BRiTE Building Resilience in Teacher Education (PDF 709 KB – opens in a new window)


Caroline Mansfield, Susan Beltman, Tania Broadley, Noelene Weatherby-Fell and Denyse MacNish



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