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Think journey toolThe Think Journey Tool template is an example of how to use a free, online design platform to engage with motivational pathways of support to achieve goals, and participate in peer mentoring and solution-focused planning. The Think Journey Tool was created using Canva, a free, online design tool that you can use to easily create personalised visual documents and share these with collaborators and social media channels. Users can choose from a variety of ready-to-use design templates and play with the layout, elements, text and background.


  • Here’s the guidance about how to use the tool template: Think Journey Tool guidance (PDF 73 KB – opens in a new window)
  • Here’s a presentation template, built using Canva: Think Journey Tool (PPT 2.5 MB – opens in a new window)


Esther McMahon



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  1. […] I went on to conduct research at the Centre for Research in Autism & Education, UCL, investigating implicit theory of mind and executive functioning in relation to school readiness in typically developing and autistic children. This later informed my work as a researcher on the social brain, co-constructive talk and universal ethics. I recently developed a human resilience toolkit for the HE sector and a pupil voice toolkit for childrens services, collating best practice in SEN provision across the county: toolkit and Think Journey Tool […]

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