Resilience toolkit

Welcome to the AMOSSHE / Unite Students resilience toolkit. This is a resource bank of research, case studies and practical tools to help Student Services professionals in higher education develop student and staff resilience to stress, anxiety and similar barriers to achievement and success.

This toolkit advocates a positive and proactive approach to student resilience, focusing on what higher education providers can do to develop supportive, enabling cultures for students by making improvements to their physical and social environment.


The resources are grouped by three key approaches to developing student resilience. These approaches arose from research into student resilience by Unite Students.

Emotional balanceEmotional balance

Use these resources to help students balance their emotional responses to the negative experiences they may encounter academically or socially while studying. Find the resources here: Emotional balance resources.


Use these resources to help students develop self-management techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety and the pressures of higher education. Find the resources here: Self-management resources.

Social integration / networks / relationshipsSocial integration / networks / relationships

Use these resources to help students feel integrated, develop their social networks and relationships, and get involved with different networks, communities and extra-curricular activities. Find the resources here: Social resources.

Find out more about the development of this toolkit and its underpinning research: About the toolkit.